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Create and edit links


  1. Navigate to Links
  2. Click the “Add Link“ button
  3. Configure the domain name and the link path


To create a new link, select one of the pre-configured domain names and enter the desired “link path“. The combination of the domain name and the link path must be unique across all your links.

We recommend registering your own domain name, but you can also use our domain *


Every link must have at least one destination. When using the “Redirect“ type, the first matching destination will be used. If using the “Choice“ type, the visitor will be presented with all matching destinations to choose from.

Using conditions

You can configure “Conditions“ with each destination URL to optimize traffic. For example, you can redirect visitors from a specific country to one location and all other visitors to another one.

When using conditions, you should always have a “default“ destination as the last destination in the stack (without any conditions). This “default“ will be used if we cannot match the visitor with any other destination. If we fail to match a destination, the visitor will be shown an error message.

Choice page

Choice link

A choice page can display a title and an image above the destination buttons. You can configure these options under the “Choice page“ tab.