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Goals and custom events Analytics automatically tracks all clicks on <button> elements and all <form> submissions. You can view these events under the “Goals“ tab.

Each event contains additional parameters such as path (the URL of the page) and the element‘s ID (HTML id="" attribute).

Conversion funnel

Turning off auto-tracking

If you wish to disable auto-tracking of click and submission events, add trackClicks: false and trackForms: false to the script configuration.

Ignoring events for some elements

If you wish to ignore click and submission events only for some elements, add .wiry-ignore CSS class to them.

Auto-tracking by custom CSS class

It is possible to configure a custom CSS class name, which will identify the element you wish to track. Set trackClicks: 'my-class-name' and trackForms: 'my-class-name' in the script configuration. Then add your custom class name to the elements you wish to track (works for all elements, not just buttons).

Reporting custom events

You can also track custom event using the Wiry JS API:

Wiry.session.reportEvent('my-event', {
  param1: 'some custom param',
  param2: 1234,