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Slack Connector

The Slack connector integrates well with our chat popup and email inbound. It offers extra features you would typically find in the support suite, such as conversation status, priority, tags, and due date to help you and your team quickly respond to customers.


  • Conversations grouped into channels
  • Full support for file attachments
  • Support-suite features
  • Custom metadata with each conversation (e.g. URL the customer is viewing)
  • Transparently connected with email (receiving and sending)

Create and configure Slack connector

  1. Navigate to Controls > Connectors
  2. Click the “Add Connector“ button
  3. Select “Slack“ connector
  4. Before you can configure the Slack connector, it must be saved; click the “Save“ button


Authorize your Slack connector

  1. On the editing page of the Slack connectors, click the “Connect Slack“ button
  2. You will be redirected to the Slack authorization page
  3. Click “Allow“ to confirm the authorization

How does it work

Whenever a conversation is started by customers either by starting a chat, by sending an email to your inbox, or by submitting a form, a new “Channel“ is created in your Slack workspace. All new messages related to the conversation will be delivered to the dedicated Slack channel.

New conversation

Replying to messages

You can reply to the customer simply by sending a message. Posting file attachments works as you would expect, customers can download files you sent them and they will be delivered also via email as normal attachments.


All messages posted will be delivered to the customer unless they contain a mention. Messages mentioning other team members are treated as internal notes.

Closing and archiving conversations

Conversations can be marked as “closed“ indicating that the conversation with the customer is over. When you close a conversation, the customer won‘t be able to send new messages.

We recommend you archive closed conversations either by using the /chat archive or directly by using the Slack app functionality.

Slash commands

You can use “slash commands“ to edit information about the conversation, mark it as urgent, manage tags and eventually close and archive the conversation. Here are all supported commands:

/chat help               Show this help message
/chat info               Show conversation information and metadata
/chat close              CLOSE conversation
/chat archive            ARCHIVE conversation
/chat reopen             RE-OPEN conversation
/chat urgent             Mark conversation as URGENT
/chat normal             Mark conversation as NORMAL priority
/chat spam               Mark conversation as SPAM
/chat tag                Add or remove a tag.
                         - /chat tag engineering
                         - remove tag: /chat tag sales -engineering
/chat due                Sets a due date.
                         - /chat due 5 days
                         - /chat due 3 hours
                         - /chat due 2020-02-28 13:00
                         - remove due date: /chat due none