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Analytics comes with a cookies-less, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics. Once you install the script on your website, we’ll automatically start monitoring your website‘s traffic.

Select website

Web analytics are available automatically for all your websites. In the upper right corners, you’ll find a dropdown menu with your websites, and next to it is you can select the dates.


This tab shows the number of visits and pageviews, the approximate geolocations of visitors, and the performance score of your website.

Visitor analytics


As a privacy-first platform, we don‘t track nor store user‘s IP addresses. The approximate geolocation is determined using the user‘s time zone (determines only the closest major city or country).

Web Vitals

Website performance

We automatically measure your website‘s speed and performance using Web Vitals and calculate the ”speed score” based on the collected metrics. The higher the score, the better.


This tab shows the sources of your traffic, most visited pages and pages, where visitors left the website.

Traffic sources and pages


This tab shows a lot of useful information about your audience, including languages, devices, and browsers.

Audience information


We automatically collect information on whether visitors use ad-blocking software (Ad-block) and whether they send Do Not Track header.

Campaigns Analytics automatically collects information from UTM parameters. Here you can get an overview of your marketing campaigns.

UTM campaigns

Goals Analytics automatically collects button clicks and form submissions. Here you can visualize the events using a simple conversion funnel. It is also possible to submit custom events.

Conversion funnel